Silver Streams Galleria | About

I have been a professional photographer, trained through the New York Institute of Photography, for many years. The work of mine you see starts as a photograph but ends as a piece of art . Created with a vision that starts in my head. So I work and brush an image until my vision comes to life. I use many techniques to get to the point of printing my art. The end result being something that is not quite a picture and not quite a painting. That is my goal. There is a balance that I love with this style.

A word about Silver Streams Galleria. Created from my artwork of the Great Smoky Mountains. This region of the country has captured me like no other. The sight, smell and sound of the mountains is overwhelming.  When I see the sun glimmering off the many mountain streams I see this beautiful silver, sparkling and flowing around the rocks and trees. Creating a magic in sight and sound. When you look at my Smoky Mountain images I try to convey this through the lighting and colors of my art.