Fall Colors with the X-Pro1

October 22, 2012  •  4 Comments


Well the new Fuji firmware updates have been installed and we are a click-in away. Some areas of the USA have just some beautiful areas to capture the Fall colors. Central Indiana is not one of them! Especially this year we have had the drought and extreme heat. So when the colors started to arrive I was not sure what we would have. Well we had about 4 days of golden and brown color. Fortunately we had perfect weather to go view the beauty.  Recently I have had two things slow me down. One is back problems and the other is a camera that demands my time. Anyone know which camera that is?  I just can not move around as much anymore, which means I do get more blurry images. So I started using a Benro travel tripod for most everything I shoot with the X-Pro1. Including my portrait sessions. For the price the tripod can't be beat. Its aluminum. I just can not see an advantage to carbon for the price.

So again, I am shooting all these images in Vivid film JPEG. Looking at the images below I have been shooting exposure bracketing and post processing in NIK software suite of HDR and Color Efex Pro for final output. I do live in Lightroom and NIK software. However one of the companies that has recently peaked my interest is On One Software with their new 7 suite. I may have to give that a try once it arrives at the end of this month. 

Another item I am interested in is the Samyang 8mm wide angle. For the price the web reviews sound very promising. So maybe you will see my review of these coming products in my X-Pro1 imaging. Now on to the images.

If you like what you see, I have all images for sale in my gallery.  



Fuji X-Pro1, NIK Software, Fall Colors, Anthony Tokarz Photography_DSF2175_HDR

Very little post process in this image. Straight from the camera VIVID JPEG.


Fuji X-Pro1, NIK Software, Anthony Tokarz Photography_DSF2199-Edit

This image has a bit more processing. I used NIK color Efex Pro to do a very little cross processing otherwise it is a VIVID JPEG.


Fuji X-Pro1, NIK Software, Anthony Tokarz Photography_DSF2218_HDR-Edit "Mystic Woods" done in NIK HDR and Color Efex from a bracket shot in the X-Pro1.


Fuji X-Pro1, NIK Software, Anthony Tokarz Photography_DSF2296_HDR-Edit Same processing as above. I had beautiful light coming through and this dark rail line. This was as good as the Fall colors got around me.


Fuji X-Pro1, NIK Software, Anthony Tokarz Photography_DSF2305-Edit My favorite of the bunch.  Starting as a VIVID JPEG HDR and having about three NIK filters added. Out of camera was tack sharp and I wanted to soften it a bit.


_DSF2317_HDR As I was getting ready to leave this one hit me. The light was just right to get the texture of the tree. Its an HDR image in Vivid JPEG with very little post processing. That is all color from the camera. Now that was some golden light! 





Mark Soon Product Photography(non-registered)
Love these images Anthony. The colors are stunning. I'm gonna have to give NIK another shot.
Don't like the colors. A bit overdone in my eyes.
your pictures have wonderful colours.
I really like your first two shots. Looking at those makes me real anxious for my back-ordered X-E1 to arrive.
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